JUSTNature at 6th European Climate Change Adaptation Conference 2023 

25 July 2023
Activation of Nature-Based Solutions in Cities: What about justice?

On the 20th of June 2023, Our project partners, Corina Hanrahan & Ger Hanley from Inlecom Commercial Pathways, presented "Activation of Nature-Based Solutions in Cities: What about justice?" at the ECCA 2023 - 6th European Climate Change Adaptation Conference in Dublin, Ireland.

The objective of the interactive session is to actively engage researchers, practitioners, policymakers and civil society in discussing justice implications concerning the adoption of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) in cities. The ambition is to understand how NBS can go beyond urban planning and become just solutions to address the climate change adaptation needs of people living in cities.

Our session informs audiences about our project and "good" co-governance for ecological justice and NbS through a 'House of Commons Approach'. We aim to stimulate an active debate on the key questions characterizing the JUSTNature project, which relates to Nature-Based Solutions for Climate Change Adaptation and Reframing Societal Transformation by Challenging Underlying Assumptions.

At the end of the session, the moderator collects the outcome of the discussions and launches new questions and ‘food for thought’ to the participants to feed the collective ‘sense-making’ on justice and NBS in the climate change adaptation of cities.