Our work

Here you can find content related to our project method, approach, impact, network, publications, and deliverables.

Publication and Deliverables

Here you can expect to find all public deliverables, research outcomes, project resources, publications, and other materials. As the project develops and grows, we aim to establish a library full of interesting and insightful materials. Stay tuned for updates and new content!

Project Framework

The overall project design and methodology is composed of 3 phases with distinct though strongly intertwined work packages.

I) exploration    II) innovation practice    III) up-scaling

The project duration will develop across 54 months.


Through our integrated and transdisciplinary framework, we expect to reach the following impact:

  • Increased evidence and awareness of the benefits of re-naturing cities.
  • Creation of ‘communities of practice’..tested, well-documented, upscalable, and marketable NbS.
  • Enhanced stakeholder and citizen ownership of the solutions.
  • Enhanced implementation of relevant policies and programmes.
  • The creation of a European reference framework and the establishment of EU leadership in a new global market for nature-based solutions.

City Practice Labs

The JUSTNature project selects six CiPeLs that are situated in different contexts, characterized by a high diversity of demographic, linguistic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds across a variety of biogeographical areas such as Mediterranean, Alpin, Atlantic or Continental. The CiPeLs facilitate a nexus of research and development through the co-development with key actors of a community of practice such as public administration, Small-Medium Enterprises, civil society organizations and citizens.


‘ThinkNature’ and ‘URBAN GreenUP’, other H2020 projects such as ‘Clever cities’, ‘Connecting Nature’ or ‘Nature4cities’ have signed up to a common manifesto that guides the cities’ NbS adoption. JUSTNature will build on these commitments.