City Practice Labs

City practices labs (CiPeLs) constitute the backbone of the project’s activities by delivering community-engaged, co-explored, and co-decided innovation.

The JUSTNature project selects seven CiPeLs that are situated in different contexts, characterized by a high diversity of demographic, linguistic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds across a variety of biogeographical areas such as Mediterranean, Alpin, Atlantic or Continental. The CiPeLs facilitate a nexus of research and development through the co-development with key actors of a community of practice such as public administration, Small-Medium Enterprises, civil society organizations and citizens.

The CiPeLs will combine direct nature-building interventions with supporting interventions in at least one of the 4 innovation dimensions. Direct nature-building will include strategically deploying green constructions, de-sealing surfaces, urban forestation, and opening new ecological corridors. Supporting interventions, shaped by the strong technological, governance, GI planning, and business expertise of the various consortium members, will include environmental sensing, projects governed by decentralized nature-building communities, citizen responsibilities, 4Ps, and other novel business models for financing, gender-inclusive NbS design, and regulatory instruments.

Geographic CiPels locations

These interventions are chosen for their capacity to contribute to Low carbon | High air quality through biofiltration, bioindicators, regulating building physics and microclimate, and sequestering carbon from the air and in the soil. Simultaneously, they will contribute to providing equitable access to nature, to healthy, safe, comfortable, attractive outdoor environments, for neglected or vulnerable social groups, for women, the elderly, the poor, and biodiversity conservation.

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