JUSTNature Project presented at ClimAct in Verona

24 April 2023

One of the objectives of H2020 INFINITE is engaging with construction industry representatives and urban green professionals, and explore solutions for decarbonising cities and tackling climate change. 

For this reason INFINITE, together with H2020 JUSTNature - both projects coordinated by Eurac Research - took part in CLIM-ACT! Expo in Verona, an event aiming to raise awareness and bring together citizens, businesses, civil society, and local government to systematize in the fight against anthropogenic climate change. 

During her speech, Chiara Pellegrini presented nature-based solutions, the associated environmental, social, and economic benefits, and citizen engagement in co-designing for social acceptance and justice of NbS, elements that are central to JUSTNature project. 

On INFINITE's side, Stefano Avesani focused on integrating Nature-based solutions into buildings, providing practical examples of how green facades and green roofs can be used, as well as their technical economic aspects, such as modularity, prefabrication, photovoltaic integration, and water management. 

The conference was a great opportunity to address two complementary sides of innovative solutions to make the building sector more sustainable.

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