Welcome to the JUSTNature website

1 March 2022
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The goal of the JUSTNature website is to communicate the urgency and relevance of the work to a broad audience (from policy-maker to citizens). In addition, the website will serve as an easy-to-use tool to share the results of research, media, resources, impact, and results from the project.

To communicate effectively to a broad audience, it is important to make sure the information presented is clear and simple. This entails the simplification of project-related abbreviations and avoiding the use of complex technical language to communicate key aspects of JUSTNature effectively.

The design of the website revolves around two key principles: one is to highlight and magnify the project activity at the forefront of the website, and secondly is to ensure the project content and ideas are communicated in a digestible way, but also offer a hierarchy of information that can provide more details as the user advances through the site. The second principle uses the combination of simple phrases and imagery to communicate the project’s main idea, progress and knowledge produced. The design of the website was also developed on both mobile and desktop versions simultaneously to cater to a wide range of accessibility and technology.

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