The 1st Local Stakeholder Workshop in Chania

Chania 30 January 2023
Bringing Communities Together for ecological justice and how Nature-based solutions can affect the city centre's quality of life and health.

On 18th January 2023, the first Local Stakeholder Workshop took place in Chania, Greece. The event was hosted by Kydon S.A., in partnership with the Technical University of Crete and was held at the KAM Center of Mediterranean Architecture. Over 40 involved citizens attended the workshop, eager to construct local competencies for this common goal.

The main purpose of the workshop was to identify needs in Chania city regarding the environmental problems and the quality of life due to the development of the city center. It presented an overview of the city according to environmental characteristics and mentioned existing actions already implemented by the Municipality of Chania to upgrade the city center. Moving towards the philosophy and directions of the JUSTNature program and the useful tools for the involvement process through the action-learning method, the attendees have been given the opportunity to express their opinions, positions, and objections.

One of the workshop's highlights was NbS potential & NbS design using infocards and tokens. Participants were able to share Knowledge, mainly people who live and work in the area, and opinions, positions and objections emerged. As citizens said, they were happy that they were given this opportunity and were excited about this green intervention in such a central point of the city surrounded by cement.

In conclusion, the 1st Local Stakeholder Workshop was a great success, and a vital step towards creating a just transition toward low-carbon cities for Chania. The event brought together stakeholders representing a diverse range of groups, with equal numbers of 22 females and 25 males.

We are looking forward to the next workshop on 20th March 2023, where we can continue co-exploring and co-designing the future of Chania.