The 2nd Local Stakeholder Workshop in Chania

Chania 16 May 2023
Co-design of green interventions for defining final solutions

On 3rd May 2023, the second Local Stakeholder Workshop occurred at the KAM Center of Mediterranean Architecture in Chania, Greece. The event hosted by Kydon S.A., aimed towards completing the program's first phase and finalising the co-design of green applications and implementations. Kydon S.A., supported by the Technical University of Crete, welcomed 34 participants for the workshop. This 2nd workshop captured the citizens' preferences for the final configuration and form of proposed solutions.

In the beginning, we gave a short review of the 1st workshop for first-time participants, and they could take this chance to identify the city's problems/issues and propose appropriate solutions. Later, we presented designed solutions that could be implemented in KYDON's building area through the JUSTNature program and different financial approaches.

Green wall experts were also invited to the workshop and informed participants about the green wall and green roof, demonstrating applications, techniques and technologies. During the interactive session that followed, the participants indicated their preferences among the alternative solutions that were presented to them. Finally, we introduced the concepts of Business Model Puzzles and Financial Sustainability to participants, and they exchanged their opinions on this material.

The key takeaway of this workshop is that we achieved the following:

  • Maintain active participation and communication links
  • Definition of final solutions for the Green Wall and the Green Roof (Urban Park) of Kydon SA.
  • Introduce the concepts of co-governance and value recognition for innovative intervention implementation.
  • Improvement of communication and familiarization with the citizens for organizing and conducting further interactive workshops.

In this event, we used infocards and tokens in the workshop and focus group, and provided materials to brainstorm ideas, such as posters about green walls, the urban park, and posters about the board of Business Model Puzzle.

Next, we will start the 1st Cross-Learning Activity in June with our Twin city, "City of Paphos", and the 3rd Local Stakeholder Workshop on co-implementing is planned in September.

Stay tuned with us, we are speeding up to the implementation phase!