The Cross-Learning Workshop in Chania with the Twin city has begun

Chania 17 August 2023
A pivotal moment of collaboration; Chania and Engomi delegates seamlessly melded their expertise, fostering an environment of knowledge synergy.

On the 24th of July, Chania hosted the first in-person workshop with their twin city, Engomi, Cyprus.

The municipality of Chania organised the Cross-Learning Workshop (CLW) in the Kydon SA car parking station and invited one representative from the Municipality of Engomi (Cyprus), Ms Vasiliki Vassiliou (Gardens and Greenery Operator) and Dr Charalampos Litos (Director from Kydon SA); discussion between Chania and Engomi representatives the topic relevant to the JUSTNature project development.

The representative of Chania, Petroula Sofia Anastasiadou, gave an overall picture of the Program and participation of Kydon in the project. The current progress development of the JUSTNature project in the city has been presented during the meeting, including highlighting difficulties and privileges/opportunities to involve citizens' opinions that determine evolutionary trajectory of the overall project.

The central learning exchange focused on stakeholder engagement and its plans and related actions, such as workshops, to address nature-based solutions' details. Moreover, difficulties and technical aspects of implementing the Green Wall at the intervention area, the car park station, were exchanged for ideas. Lastly, the natural-based actions of Engomi – Nicosia were presented and inspired the city of Chania in replication.

The overall outcome of the 1st CLW went positive. Both municipalities' representatives agreed to empower further collaboration and exchange of ideas, suggestions for effective implementation, and experiences in NBS. Because the Twin Cities' climate and environmental conditions are similar, some good practices beyond the main topic were presented, such as water management and innovative irrigation systems, which we were very interested in, and we look forward to future cross-learning activities.