JUSTNature presented at The Annual POLIS Conference 2023

Leuven 25 January 2024
A remarkable showcase of commitment to sustainability and climate resilience, Leuven stood at the Annual POLIS Conference

On 29-30 November, Leuven’s JUSTNature pilot was both presented during a session and in a technical tour on the POLIS conference, emphasizing its contributive role in shaping Leuven's urban landscape and addressing climate challenges. The session, named "Let's co-create!", witnessed Leuven's dedication to inclusivity and community participation in implementing Nature-based Solutions (NbS) for a greener future.

The JUSTNature Project:

A visionary endeavor aimed at contributing to the city's policies on climate challenges. The project aligns with Leuven's ambitious goal of becoming a climate-neutral and climate-adaptive city, a mission supported by the European Union's funding. This financial backing empowers the project to scale up and speed up climate change actions, making a tangible impact on the city's environmental footprint.

Pilot Sites: Transforming Grey to Green

Leuven's commitment to sustainable urban development is vividly illustrated through two pilot sites identified for the JUSTNature project:

  • Test Installation in Constantin Meunierstreet. The bustling C. Meunierstraat is set to undergo a remarkable transformation, transitioning from a conventional grey urban space to a vibrant green oasis. This pilot site showcases the tangible effects of integrating Nature-based Solutions, demonstrating the city's commitment to enhancing biodiversity and fostering a healthier living  neighborhood.
  • Leuven's Detention Facility. The city's detention facility is undergoing a green transformation, emphasizing unseal concrete and asphalt, capture water, and add nature to improve the inner city’s climate adaptivity and the well-being of the inhabitants.

As Leuven paves the way for inclusive and participatory sustainability, it serves as an inspiration for cities across Europe and beyond, proving that a green future is not only possible but achievable through collaborative efforts and innovative initiatives.

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