The street of the future in Leuven

Leuven 25 November 2022

The Leuven city council has big plans for the Constantin Meunierstraat to be 'street of the future' in 2025

With the JUSTNature project's support, the city of Leuven will transform the grey and car-parked street into a climate-adaptive area. The project aims to stimulate cities for better living and air quality, and water infiltration is a nature-based solution that Leuven will implement. "Prepared for the future but with respect for the past", says Dirk Vansina - Alderman of Public Works (CD&V). "Like in other Leuven streets, we will soften the street and introduce more greenery, continuing the green link to nearby Ruelens park. The intention is also to aim at a rainwater-neutral street in our city for the first time".

At the beginning of 2023, the city of Leuven will set up participation with the local residents, and in 2025 the intention is to effectively construct the street.

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