How can we protect the landscape as the foundation of our existence?

Merano & Bolzano 27 March 2023

With the increasing pressure on the landscape, there is a growing need for new participatory approaches to create the basis for a common action.This issue is central in South Tyrol, where in 2021 the provincial government developed the "South Tyrol Landscape Strategy", aiming to support municipalities in spatial planning, placing landscape as a driving force for the future.This topic is deeply connected to the just transition to low-carbon cities, based on the principle of the right to ecological space.

For this reason, we attended the conference Destination Landschaft, held in Bolzano, at NOI Techpark, on the 24th of March 2023, where the issue of landscape protection was explored through the dialogue between representatives from the technical professions, politics, research, business, and education.In this setting, Eurac Research's Sonja Gantioler and Silvia Tomasi, as well as representatives of the Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano - Autonome Provinz Bozen (CiPel Merano/Bolzano) Ruth Lochmann and Anni Schwarz had the chance to showcase JUSTNature.It was also the setting the share ideas about climate and land use, landscape, identity and municipal developed: the dialogue with local and international representatives will be helpful to shape the future steps of JUSTNature.