The 2nd Local Stakeholder Workshop in Bolzano

Merano & Bolzano 5 June 2023
The role of the green roof and co-creation of the pilot intervention

In May 2023, two participatory events were held at the Experimental Center of Laimburg and Bolzano in which local stakeholders expressed their needs, visions and proposals regarding the planned intervention, namely the innovative action of greening with very high biodiversity of the roof of the municipal building in via Lancia 4.

During the first meeting at the Laimburg Research Centre, Helga Salchegger, who is active in research on the greening of roofs in urban areas (she also conducts research in the field of intelligent green roof development), demonstrated various examples of green roofs, building greening, and experimental urban flora and fauna, and tour and on-site show of the various green roofs, types, plants and biodiversity at the research centre Laimburg outside of Bolzano.

At the second meeting, in Bolzano, participants actively contributed to the co-analysis of needs, the potential of greening the municipal building via Lancia 4, and the co-design of the intervention itself. The working group investigated what difficulties and disparities exist in cities that nature-based solutions can assist to address.

A lot of technical, biological and different inputs gave insightful information to the participants and we gained also active critics and feedback from the colleagues of the greening services.

You can read this story from the press release in Italian language from this link