The 2nd Local Stakeholder Workshop in Merano

Merano & Bolzano 12 June 2023
Co-creation the "Garden For All"

On the 9th of June, the city of Merano invited the neighbourhood with postcards to co-create a "garden for all" that will become a pilot for a new form of public green.

The team set up 7 stations for this interactive workshop. The participants could learn about biodiversity, water ecology and water supply in Merano and vote on various measures. Each participant could choose what should grow in the garden, express their commitment to take care of it, answer the question "How do I see myself in the garden for all" and create a shared vision of the Park triangle with many different materials at the handicraft station.

Overall, 33 participants were registered, with 18 people living in the nearby neighbourhood of the pilot site. For all participants who filled in the feedback form, they received a delicious herb plant as rewards.