The 1st Local Stakeholder Workshop in Bolzano

Merano & Bolzano 13 February 2023
Reducing thermal discomfort and thermal injustice that affected most to seniors by nature based solutions

On 1st February 2023, the first Local Stakeholder Workshop occurred in Bolzano, Italy. The event took place at Sala Guido Fronza Via Dalmazia 30C Bolzano, by the City of Bolzano, and the partner Eurac research in support of the workshop. Over 37 People, from environmental associations to the local private entrepreneurs and societies: senior clubs, labour unions, and professionals, attended the workshop and were eager to construct a greener system in the city by developing Nature-based solutions.

In the first part, Eurac presented the JUSTNature Project and its central concept of Nature-based solutions to audiences and Followed the presentation of the analysis in the productive/industrial area and surrounding areas. During the co-creation workshop, participants were divided into 5 different tables with infocards and tokens; and analysed (i) the climatic and social challenges, (ii) the potential solutions and (iii) the most affected categories, which positive aspects were prepared to take into account. On one side the parks along the rivers like the one, along the Isarco river, were seen as a positive aspect. On the other side, the lack of green areas and their accessibility in the industrial area, the quarter oltrisarco, Via Claudia Augusta and the quarter Novacella were discussed. The main themes of the discussion focused on thermal discomfort and social and thermal injustice that elderly people seem to be affected the most by heat waves. The air quality along the main streets was seen as interesting theme. Many areas in private use and in the whole city, an important area of public surface is used for car parking.

The participants suggested to have more green areas, maintaining and enlarging of the green area in a city square despite the planned future underground parking garage. Moreover, they asked to reduce closed gates and access limits to private green areas and reorganise the city's car parking fee system to minimise the free-of-charge car parking. Lastly, participants suggested creating green pedestrian corridors by implementing NbS, combining water elements such as canals, ponds and basins in the new design.

In conclusion, the 1st Local Stakeholder Workshop was a great success, and a vital step towards creating a more comfortable and livable area for Bolzano. The event brought together stakeholders representing a diverse range of groups, with 12 Academia, 6 private sectors, 7 public sectors, 10 civil society, and media

We look forward to the next workshop, approximately between April and May 2023, where we can continue co-exploring and co-designing the future of Bolzano.