Urban Diversity Takes Center Stage in Merano: A Night of Insight and Engagement

Merano & Bolzano 6 December 2023
Event on urban biodiversity for citizens in Merano

On 28th of November, citizens and experts came together to explore the importance of urban biodiversity. The event, which featured prominent figures such as Vice-Mayor Katharina Zeller and ecologist Mauro Tomasi, provided a platform for discussing the significance of preserving and enhancing the city's green heritage.

The evening began with a warm welcome from Vice-Mayor Katharina Zeller, who opened the event with enthusiasm and set the stage for an engaging exploration of urban diversity. Zeller emphasized the city's commitment to fostering a harmonious relationship between its residents and the natural environment.

Ecologist Mauro Tomasi took the stage next, captivating the audience with a compelling presentation on the importance of urban biodiversity through various of examples and the talk provided attendees with a deeper understanding of the delicate balance that urban ecosystems maintain.

Following presentation, Helga Salchegger from the research institute Laimburg introduced the audience to the "Natur im Garten" initiative. This initiative focuses on certifying private gardens that contribute significantly to biodiversity and biological maintenance. Salchegger's showcase of the initiative served as an inspiring example of how individuals can play a crucial role in preserving and enhancing urban biodiversity.

The spotlight then turned to JUSTNature ecological expert, Ing. Andrea Balestrini, who shed light on the ongoing initiatives in Merano dedicated to protecting the city's green heritage. Balestrini detailed the participative process behind the "garden for all" pilot site project, emphasizing the collaborative efforts of the community in shaping the future of urban green spaces. Furthermore, he highlighted the immense ecosystem services provided by the city's tree heritage, captivating the audience with the positive impact of these natural elements.

The second part of the event saw an interactive discussion between the experts and the citizens. Participants engaged in a lively exchange, posing specific questions and sharing personal experiences related to urban biodiversity.

As the event concluded, it was evident that the evening had not only raised awareness about the importance of urban biodiversity but had also sparked a sense of shared responsibility among the citizens. The exchange of ideas and experiences laid the groundwork for future initiatives.