The 1st Local Stakeholder Workshop in Munich

Munich 21 June 2023
Successful start of the workshop series in Munich

On the 24th of May, the city of Munich welcomed 14 participants to the first Local Stakeholder Workshop (LSW) to introduce the JUSTNature project and nature-based solutions through examples of temporary open space interventions and to activate participation and exchange with stakeholders about possibilities for implementation including anticipation of the project - green courtyards for the inner city.

In the beginning, the workshop welcomed and introduced participants to the overarching framework of the JUSTNature and the workshop’s goals. Afterwards, participants were able to introduce themselves and give opinions on potential locations for future interventions in the city. After defining pilot locations, the participants were divided into 4 smaller groups with one moderator to discuss and identify in-detail needs, expectations and potential challenges associated with these proposed locations. The group activity was concluded with the presentation of the findings and outcomes.

Finally, in the last session, the learnings from the day were reviewed, and the next steps for the JUSTNature interventions were outlined, in which participants had a chance for free exchange and to fill out the evaluation form giving feedback, suggestion, and interest in the next workshop. It was a successful format that fostered familiarity among participants and encouraged them to discuss specific challenges, which means improving the registration process, ensuring the participation of key decision-makers, improvement of time management and enhancement in feedback collection.

This workshop was held together with 4 local partners: Technische Universität München (TUM), Landeshauptstadt München (LHM), Green City, and Spiellandschaft Stadt, and the next workshop is on July 6th to discuss more about the co-design on the NBS intervention.

We eagerly await the next collaboration!