The 1st Cross Learning Workshop in Szombathely with the Twin City - Sisak

Szombathely 1 February 2024

The 1st Twin City Cross-Learning Workshop between Szombathely and Sisak (HR) took place on 11 December 2023 and went well, which is not unexpected as the cities – being twin cities anyway – regularly visit each other and carry out knowledge exchange and cooperation-building activities.

This time we focused on the JUSTNature project, Nature-based Solutions and the new concepts we have picked up and are still learning in the project: co-creation process, citizen science and its utilisation in „real” science as well as community engagement. These concepts were not exactly new for the Sisak participants, but the challenges appeared to be similar, showing that it is a learning path every city needs to master.

Sisak presented their urban challenges and city districts being presently developed. Sisak is smaller and a lot „bluer” than Szombathely, with larger abandoned insutrial areas, and therefore faces different challenges. However, exchanging cooperation and funding opportunities seemed to be an excellent starting point and worthwile to continue.

We're already planning our second Cross-Learning Workshop for April-May 2024!

Ágnes Győrffy and Akos Nemeth - Councillor for Climate Policy and Sustainable Development