The 3rd Local Stakeholder Workshop in Szombathely

Szombathely 30 November 2023
Local residents and students explored the development of the Szombathely pilot site

Once again, students and interested parties gathered for a workshop to explore the implementation sites of the project. The developments will be realized at two locations: the courtyard of the Dési Huber István Elementary School and the area between the Szőlősi Church and Lidl on Hunyadi Street. The objective of the interventions is to improve air quality in these areas through the application of nature-based solutions, all while upholding principles of social justice.

The workshop initially commenced with the students in collaboration with ABUD. Additionally, discussions were held at the Jászai Street Community Space with local residents, interested parties, and experts to assess the feasibility, benefits, and potential issues of the conceptual plans.

The project is rapidly approaching the end of the planning phase. Next year, the focus will shift to implementation. Subsequently, observation becomes crucial as one of the project’s key aspects and expectations is to monitor the changes and results achieved through these interventions.

On the 3rd local stakeholder workshop, a retired wood sculptor from Szombathely joined the project voluntarily, and he is interested in reaching out to the masses. He would like to work with others even as a tutor, or as a participant. His ideas will become a programme in the "JUSTNature Park" next to Hunyadi Street.