The 3rd Project Meeting and the 1st Collaborative CiPeL Workshop in Hungary

Szombathely 13 March 2023

The JUSTNature project, a four-and-half-year project started in 2021, brought together 7 cities representatives and 13 organisations across Europe for the 3rd Project Meeting in Budapest to review the progress made over the previous six months, learn what we missed and what we accomplished, and hear suggestions and feedback from our cities on how to deal with the implementation of NbS with its citizens.

On the 6th of March, after the meet and greet in the afternoon on the first day, all Work Package leaders and CiPeLs quickly reviewed failures from the previous 6 months in the F* session, which focused on what we had planned, but it was not working as expected. It is important to learn from our mistakes and understand the challenges and barriers encountered during implementation. Moreover, the WP 8 reviewed of "Upscaling JUSTNature results" in terms of business analysis and long-term business plans, followed by the WP9 presented "Communication & Dissemination" strategy and activity results.

On the second day, we also discussed on

  • Exploring JUSTNature potentials and impacts using clustering maps to design nature-based solutions outside or adjacent to a pilot site
  • Monitoring and evaluating NbS indicators and metrics combining principles of Sustainable - Circularity - Justice
  • Innovation practice results from the first Local Stakeholder Workshop in CiPeLs and plans for the upcoming workshops
  • Preparing NbS design and implementation phase
  • Completed prototype Digital Twins

Furthermore, 3 parallel sessions focused on administrative and financial, Digital twin CiPeL models, and tailored communication & dissemination strategies were arranged to allow interested participants to discuss the future in greater detail before we closed the project meeting with a presentation by the project coordinator on Project governance & collaboration with sister projects.

On the 8th of March, most of the consortium travelled to Szombathely to join the first Collaborative Cipel Workshop (CCW). We started the day by presenting the framework for assessing co-governance, followed by a small workshop with various partners to share ideas and revise co-governance indicators and protocols. After that, we went on two site visits to see the locations where Szombathely CiPel will implement the NbS design (an elementary school courtyard and an empty plot along a canal).

On the last day, the 9th of March, We began early in the morning and dedicated the session for our cities to update on their Local Stakeholder Workshops. Our CiPeLs gave reflection and exchanged experiences about:

  • Data access barrier
  • Abstract and unpractical indicators, it needed to be relevant and tailored to each city
  • Expectation management with participants about the project
  • Preparation and rehearsal for organising team and moderators
  • How to motivate people to join the next workshop again
  • How to engage children and other groups and use stakeholder mapping

Lastly, we learned together that the justice aspect was missing, such as non-diverse participant groups, but we might limit the number of stakeholder engagement to maintain co-create discussion.

Overall, the meeting showed we are moving forward to the implementation phase and starting the just transition with collaborative citizens. Well done to our teams!! We have plenty of activities ahead.