Press release | May 2022 - the 1st Project Meeting

The first Project Meeting in Munich, Germany


On May 2 – 4, 2022, After 8 months of online interactions only, the JUSTNature teams finally have the meeting in person for the very first time in Munich!

To summarise, the partners and participants have discussed how to shape our cities and make them more sustainable and livable for the community. During the event, the partners involved in the project and the leaders of each CiPeL debated through workshops, tour visits of the city, virtual rounds with VR glasses, and many other activities to investigate new systems. These systems want to conserve natural ecosystem values and functions that benefit people toward our goal.

The meeting discussed various topics, such as:
Policy insights informing the activation of Low carbon | High air quality NbS
What insights from EXPLORING Low carbon | High air quality NbS
The CiPeLs: its stakeholders and initiatives, and implementation
UP-SCALING Governance & Business models.

The overall objective of JUSTNature is the activation of nature-based solutions (NbS) by ensuring a just transition to low-carbon cities. It clearly states the right to ecological space for all, to have clean air and indoor/outdoor thermal comfort for human health and well-being, as well as thriving biodiversity and ecosystems. Moreover, the duty of not constraining the ecological space of others, in particular concerning the mitigation of climate change and measures required for reducing GHG emissions, JUST Nature will contribute to this vision of shaping low-carbon cities by developing a set of typical Low carbon | High air quality NbS in seven European city practice labs (CiPeLs).