Press release | October 2022 - the 2nd Project Meeting

The second Project Meeting in Chania, Greece

On October 10 - 12, 2022, the JUSTNature team had the second progress meeting in the beautiful location on the Greek island - of Chania. Packed with exciting programs, partners and participants reported their work from the project's first year and discussed the upcoming plan for the project's future.

On the first day, the CiPeLs Training session focused on citizen engagement strategy and underlined the importance of diversity and inclusivity as data towards 'good' solutions. Moreover, the session highlighted language and categorisation might ignore potentially important voices from the process, which should be considered and applied to the next-year interactive workshops, namely Local Stakeholder workshops, Collaborative CiPeL workshops​, and Cross-learning workshops.

After the official opening and the first-year project review, participants have opportunities to join three interactive workshops to understand the achievements of other partners. The workshops discussed various topics, and some outcomes were delivered, such as:

  • NbS potential & NbS design
  • List of (In-)justice Indicators
  • Data monitoring in each CiPeLs on (In-)justice Indicators
  • Digital Twins progress
  • Governance of nature-based solutions and assessment protocol
  • Communication and Dissemination activities and plan of scaling up

The designed breakout-table activities stimulate dialogues aimed at looking into political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental barriers and opportunities and keep up the good work in shaping cities to the right to ecological space.

Overall, the meeting showed collaborative progress that the project learned and developed in the first year, including understanding challenges at each City Practice Lab.

Well done to our teams!! We are on track and exemplars in leading the way toward a low-carbon society, while addressing several other challenges arising from urbanisation and structural socio-economic changes.