Just Nature dissemination video

Just Nature - Driving a just transition toward low carbon cities.

This dissemination video is completed as part of Task 9.2: Project Identity, communication and dissemination material, and channels. The video outlines the key concepts of JUSTNature and introduce our City Practice Labs (CiPels) to target audiences who are mainly citizens connected to existing CiPeLs, and extended to other end users within associated networks. Therefore, the video is available in English with all CiPels' language subtitles, namely German, Dutch, Maltese, Hungarian, and Greek. 

Video description: Just Nature is the EU Horizon 2020 project working on the motto that “Everyone has the right to ecological space and the duty of not constraining that of others; to live and help live, work and play in climate-resilient and sustainable cities and beyond”

The overall objective of JUSTNature is the activation of nature-based solutions (NbS) by ensuring a just transition to low-carbon cities, based on the principle of the right to ecological space.

🎞️ Editor : Methi Laithavewat
🎙️ Voice-Over: Taliah Dommerholt
📽️ Producer : ISOCARP Institute
🎵 Music: In a world from Audionautix.com
🎥 Stock footage: Pond 5, Research Innovation Unit, City of Leuven, City of Munich

For Hungarian version

JUSTNature - Igazságos átmenet az alacsony szén-dioxid-kibocsátású városok felé

🎙️ Voice-Over: Lutor Katalin